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Poona Industries are superior octagonal pole manufacturers in Pune the appeal of well-designed public spaces is evident in Pune, a busy city where history meets modern generation. Octagonal poles stand tall as unmistakable emblems of elegance and functionality, boosting Pune's urban landscape's beauty and utility. Poona Industries takes great satisfaction in being the top octagonal pole manufacturers in Pune, delivering high-quality, inventive and long-lasting solutions that tastefully beautify the city's streets, parks and avenues.

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What makes us Unique?
Classic Design: Combining Form and Function
Poona Industries understands the value of both beauty and functionality. Our octagonal poles are precisely constructed to offer the right combination of form and function. Our poles are an excellent choice for illuminating and adorning Pune's public places due to their traditional octagonal design, which not only exude timeless elegance but also provide greater structural stability.
Individualization for Appeal
We understand that each site in Pune has its own personality and set of needs. As a consequence, we provide a wide range of customizing choices for our octagonal poles. Clients may select from a variety of heights, finishes, and other features to construct poles that are best suited to their unique projects. This level of customization guarantees that our octagonal poles blend in with the current urban landscape, boosting the aesthetic appeal of the city.
Consistent Quality and Durability
Quality is the key of our manufacture process. We as a top octagonal poles manufacturer in Pune, utilize high-quality materials and strict quality control techniques to create long-lasting octagonal poles. Our dedication to durability means that our poles can resist the test of time and different weather conditions, offering long-lasting elegance and dependable performance in Pune's public places.
Adherence to Safety Standards
When it comes to designing and manufacturing octagonal poles, safety is non-negotiable. Our goods are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet or surpass industry safety requirements. Our poles provide not just elegance but also a safe atmosphere for Pune's residents and tourists, thanks to secure installations and durable constructions.
Environmentally Friendly Solutions
As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly octagonal poles, we place a high priority on sustainability in all facets of our business. We reduce our carbon footprint by employing energy-efficient production techniques and ecologically friendly materials to create our products. Customers who utilize our octagonal poles contribute to Pune's green initiatives and the growth of an environmentally conscious city.
Prompt delivery and effective project management
We recognize the significance of project completion on schedule in improving Pune's public areas. Our effective project management ensures that everything runs well, allowing us to supply octagonal poles on schedule. Because of our dependability, we are the favored choice for public space development projects in Pune.
Elegance on a Budget
Poona Industries believes that elegance should be available to everyone. Our octagonal poles are intelligently priced to fit a variety of budgets without sacrificing quality or appearance. We empower communities, companies, and the government with our cost-effective solutions to improve Pune's urban landscape with timeless elegance.

Poona Industries takes pride in being the go-to octagonal pole manufacturer, providing timeless style, unrivaled quality, and long-term sustainability to Pune's urban landscape. Elegant octagonal poles tower aloft as beacons of beauty and utility in the vibrant metropolis of Pune. Let us brighten Pune's streets, parks, and avenues with enduring elegance, one octagonal pole at a time, assuring a more engaging and inviting city for everybody, with our attention to personalization, safety, and efficiency.


An octagonal pole is a type of street light pole that has a cross-section with eight sides, forming an octagon shape.
Our Octagonal poles have benefits such as: -
  • • Strength: These poles have a higher resistance to bending and buckling than round or square poles.
  • • Stability: It has a larger base area and a lower center of gravity than round or square poles.
  • • Aesthetics: They have a sleek and modern appearance than round or square poles.
Our octagonal poles are usually made of steel, iron, or aluminum. They are also coated with paint, powder, or galvanization to prevent corrosion and rust.
Some of the sizes of octagonal poles are: -
  • • 3m to 12m in single section, with bottom cross flat ranging from 130mm to 160mm and top cross flat of 70mm.
  • • 7m to 12.5m in single section, with bottom cross flat ranging from 135mm to 240mm and top cross flat of 70mm or 90mm.
  • • 10m with bottom size of 22022016mm and top size of 70703mm.

The sizes may vary depending on your customization.

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