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Poona Industries are leading top high mast pole manufacturers in Pune the importance of efficient and effective lighting solutions cannot be overstated in the dynamic city of Pune, where creativity and progress surge to new heights. We are the trusted partner in illuminating Pune's sky and beautifying its metropolitan scene, with a strong emphasis on quality, durability and cutting-edge technology.

High mast poles rise towering like shining beacons, lighting vast areas with their strong illumination. As the city grows, the requirement for dependable high mast poles becomes even more vital.

High Mast Pole Manufacturers in Pune
High Mast Pole
High Mast Pole
High Mast Pole
What Makes Us Unique?
Optimal Illumination through Innovative Design
We have manufactured our high mast poles to provide excellent illumination coverage. Because of their exceptional engineering and distinctive form, our poles evenly distribute light across wide areas, making them ideal for lighting streets, stadiums, and other sites. Our expert design team works tirelessly to create high mast poles that suit practical requirements while also enhancing Pune's metropolitan charm.
Individualization: Designed to Meet Your Lighting Needs
Poona Industries is aware that every lighting project is different and demands tailored solutions. Numerous aspects of our high mast poles, including their height, material, and lighting fixtures, are customizable by our clients. Because of this level of customization, our poles work well with existing infrastructure and offer the best lighting option for all of Pune's requirements.
Superiority and Robustness
Durability is crucial when it comes to high mast poles. As the leading high mast poles manufacturer, our commitment to excellence drives us to use only the best components and exact manufacturing processes. This emphasis on quality ensures that our high mast poles can withstand the worst weather, providing dependable and long-lasting lighting solutions for Pune's constantly shifting topography.
Complying with Safety Standards
Our high mast pole manufacturing method must always be safe. To guarantee that they meet industry safety standards, our poles go through rigorous quality control inspections. Our commitment to safety ensures that not only do our high mast poles offer outstanding illumination but also a secure environment for Pune's locals and visitors.
Ecologically Conscious Options
As a trustworthy high mast pole manufacturer, we place a high value on sustainability. We use energy-efficient production processes and ecologically friendly materials to create our poles. Customers that use our high mast poles benefit from superior illumination options while also assisting Pune in becoming a greener, more environmentally aware city.
Timely shipping and efficient project management
We understand how important on-time project completion is. Because of the smooth communication our efficient project management ensures from design to installation, we are able to provide high mast poles on time. We are the best option for lighting projects of all sorts in the Pune area because of our dependability.
Economical Ingenuity
At Poona Industries, we think everyone should have access to beautiful lighting. Our high mast poles are purposefully priced to accommodate a range of budgets without compromising on performance or quality. With our affordable solutions, we help organizations, businesses, and the government provides effective illumination to Pune's streets and public areas.

In Pune, huge mast pole stand tall like images of light, illuminating the way to prosperity. In order to brighten Pune's skies and places, Poona Industries, the industry's top high mast pole manufacturers in Pune is dedicated to providing cutting-edge design, exceptional quality and sustainability. With our commitment to customization, efficiency, and safety, let's boost Pune's urban environment with towering brilliance one high mast pole at a time, ensuring a brighter future for everyone.


A high mast pole is a type of street light pole that has a very tall height, usually more than 15 meters, and can support multiple luminaires at the top.
Our High mast poles are used for lighting large and open areas, such as highways, airports, stadiums, ports, industrial zones, etc.
Our High mast poles can provide benefits such as: -
  • • Efficiency: They can cover a wide area with fewer poles and less power consumption.
  • • Uniformity: They can distribute light evenly and reduce glare and shadows.
  • • Maintenance: They can be lowered or raised with a winch or a motor for easy cleaning and repair.

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