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Poona Industries leading feeder pillar manufacturers in Pune. Poona Industries takes great satisfaction in providing innovative, high-quality, and honorable solutions to empower the electrical connectivity of Pune's diversified environment as continuous electrical supply is essential for long-term growth and development in Pune, a vibrant city with thriving communities and businesses. The electrical infrastructure is not complete without feeder pillars, sometimes referred to as distribution pillars, which provide effective power distribution among diverse places.


Providing you the best range of street light feeder pillar, 4 way lt feeder pillar, mini feeder pillar 250 amp and mini feeder pillar 100 amp with effective & timely delivery.

Product Details:

We are the leading provider of Street Light Feeder Pillar. These products are identified amid patrons for their noticeable features such as longer life, durability and nominal cost.

  • No. of Doors
    Single Door
  • Mounting
    Wall Mounted
  • Material
  • IP Rating
  • Current Rating
    Up to 1000 Amps
  • Number Of Ways
    6 Way
  • MCB Count
  • Phase
    Single Phase
  • Rated Voltage
    415 V
  • Bus Bar
What Makes Us Unique?
Cutting-edge feeder pillars
Poona Industries, we manufacture cutting-edge feeder pillars by fusing engineering brilliance with creativity. Our goods are made using the newest technology and in accordance with best practices in the industry, ensuring exceptional performance and stability. Our feeder pillars optimize power distribution through clever design and cutting-edge components, making them the best option for Pune's changing electrical demands.
Individualization for Customized Solutions
We are aware that electricity distribution needs vary depending on the area in Pune. Therefore, we provide thorough customization possibilities for our feeder pillars. Customers can select from a variety of capacities, configurations, and accessories to exactly customize the feeder pillars to meet their unique requirements. Due to the varied needs of Pune's neighborhoods and businesses, this flexibility enables effective and exact power distribution.
Unmatched Quality and Strength
The foundation of our manufacturers method is quality. As a top feeder pillars manufacturer, we use premium materials and strict quality control procedures to produce feeder pillars that resist the test of time and harsh weather conditions. Because of our dedication to strength, our feeder pillars deliver consistent and uninterrupted power distribution, promoting the development and stability of Pune's companies and citizens.
Observation of Strict Safety Standards
When it comes to electricity distribution, safety comes first. Our feeder pillars go through extensive testing to ensure that they meet and surpass industry safety requirements. Pune will be a safer place to live and work as a result of the safety elements we implement to stop accidents and safeguard the electrical infrastructure.
Solutions That Consider the Environment
We strongly support sustainability as a feeder pillar manufacturer committed to protecting the environment. We use ecologically friendly and energy-efficient materials in the production of our products to reduce any potential environmental harm. By deciding on our feeder pillars, customers help Pune develop sustainably and move towards a more environmentally friendly future.
Prompt Deliveries and Effective Project Management
In electricity distribution installations, fast project completion is crucial, as we are aware of. Due to the seamless coordination we achieve via effective project management, from design to installation, we are able to supply feeder pillars on schedule. We are the go-to choice for electricity distribution projects around Pune because of our strengtheners.
Economical Methods for Increasing Prosperity
We think that promoting prosperity in Pune should be affordable and long-lasting. With careful consideration, we have priced our feeder pillars to fit a variety of budgets without sacrificing their performance or quality. We enable organizations, communities, and the government to grow and advance in Pune's dynamic environment with the help of our cost-effective solutions.
Committed Post-Sale Support
Our dedication to customer satisfaction goes beyond simply delivering feeder pillars. As a leading manufacturer of feeder pillars in Pune, we offer committed post-sale service, helping our customers with maintenance, updates, and technical support as needed. Throughout the lifespan of our feeder pillars, a seamless experience is guaranteed by our attentive customer care.

A reliable electrical infrastructure is the backbone of development and success in Pune, a city that is always changing. At Poona Industries, we take pleasure in being the top feeder pillar manufacturer, offering cutting-edge, long-lasting, and dependable solutions to strengthen Pune's electrical connectivity. Let's ignite Pune's future with smooth power distribution, one feeder pillar at a time, with our focus on personalization, quality, and sustainability, propelling companies, industries, and communities alike on their path to success


A feeder pillar is a type of electrical enclosure that distributes power from the main source to the secondary circuits, such as street lights, traffic signals, etc.
A feeder pillar consists of components such as: -
  • • Cabinet: It is the outer metal box that protects the internal parts from weather and vandalism.
  • • Busbar: It is the main conductor that carries the incoming power supply.
  • • Switchgear: It is the device that controls, protects, and isolates the outgoing circuits.
  • • Meter: It is the device that measures and records the power consumption and voltage.
Our Feeder pillars can offer advantages such as: -
  • • Reliability: These pillars can ensure a stable and continuous power supply to the connected loads.
  • • Safety: It can prevent overloading, short-circuiting, and fire hazards.
  • • Accessibility: It can be easily installed and accessed for inspection and maintenance.
Yes, you can customize your own feeder pillar design according to your needs and preferences. You can choose the size, shape, color, material, and features of your feeder pillar. However, you should also follow the safety and quality standards and regulations for electrical installations.

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