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Poona Industries the top garden pole manufacturers in Pune. Poona Industries takes great pride in with a perfect balance of aesthetics, quality and environmental awareness, our garden poles are a fantastic alternative for transforming Pune's gardens into gorgeous havens of tranquility.

A beautiful city where nature and civilization converge, offers gardens as peaceful retreats inside the hectic urban environment. Beautiful plants are important, but a well-designed garden also needs carefully chosen accent pieces that set the mood. With their many uses, garden poles are attractive decorations that give these peaceful settings personality and meaning.

Garden Pole Manufacturers in Pune for Beautiful Landscapes
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What Makes Us Unique?
Weaving the Beauty of Nature into Aesthetic Designs:
Our garden poles are a reflection of the fact that gardens are a celebration of nature's grandeur. Our skilled designers are inspired by Pune's spectacular natural beauty as they create lawn poles that fit in with the surroundings. Our broad choice of garden poles, which includes traditional styles that evoke timeless elegance and modern ones that reflect contemporary sensibilities, caters to the various tastes of every garden enthusiast.
Flexibility and usefulness
We think garden poles should serve a practical role in addition to being purely ornamental. With functions like holding up climbing plants, suspending bird feeders, showcasing garden lights, and defining paths, our lawn poles are designed to be versatile. Pune's lawn benefit from the functionality and finesse these multifaceted garden poles provide.
Customization: Made to Reflect the Character of Your Garden
Every garth has its own character, and as a leading garth pole manufacturer, we embrace this difference by offering a variety of customizing options. For the construction of garth poles that enhance the unique ambiance of their gardens, our clients may choose from a choice of materials, textures, and patterns. By collaborating closely with our customers, we ensure that our garden poles are a natural extension of their garden idea.
Outstanding Quality and Robustness
Poona Industries values providing excellent quality highly. We only utilize the best materials and state-of-the-art production techniques to produce garden poles with unmatched durability and longevity. Our commitment to quality ensures that our garden poles maintain their strength throughout the changing seasons, making them a wise and durable investment for Pune's garden enthusiasts.
Ecologically Conscious Options
We believe in creating products that are excellent for the environment since we are a leading garden pole manufacturer that cares about the environment. We emphasize using energy-efficient production processes and eco-friendly materials. Pune gardeners can take pleasure in their garden's beauty while also knowing that they are protecting the environment by utilizing our garden poles.
Compliance with Safety Standards
Our lawn poles are manufactured with safety as a top priority. We put our products through rigorous quality inspections to make sure they meet the highest standards for safety. These measures ensure that our lawn poles not only look lovely but also provide a secure environment for visitors.
Timely project completion and efficient project management
We understand how crucial time is to landscaping projects. Everything flows well thanks to our efficient project management, and we make every effort to deliver lawn poles on schedule. We work closely with our clients to provide a trouble-free experience and on-time completion from design through installation.
Luxurious on a Budget
Every garth or lawn enthusiast in Pune, in our opinion, should have access to lovely, reasonably priced garden poles. Without compromising on beauty or quality, our garden poles are strategically priced to suit a variety of budgets.

In the center of Pune, surrounded by the verdant embrace of nature, our garden poles stand tall as symbols of beauty, flexibility, and eco-consciousness. Poona Industries is committed to turning gardens into enchanted havens of peace and being Pune's most trusted garden pole manufacturer. Let's work to infuse Pune's gardens with beauty one garden pole at a time while maintaining our dedication to aesthetics, excellence, and sustainability.


A garden pole is a type of street light pole that is designed for outdoor and garden lighting. It usually has a shorter height and a smaller diameter than regular street light poles.
Garden poles have features such as: -
  • Weather-resistant: They can withstand rain, wind, snow, and sun exposure.
  • Decorative: These poles have various styles, colors, and shapes to match the garden theme.
  • Easy to install: It can be mounted on the ground or on a base with screws or stakes.
Garden poles can provide: -
  • • Illumination: It can light up the garden paths, plants, statues, fountains, etc.
  • • Security: These poles can deter intruders and animals from entering the garden.
  • • Beauty: They can enhance the aesthetic appeal and mood of the garden.
You can buy garden poles from the leading Garden poles dealers, suppliers in Pune, the Poona Industries. You can also contact our team and ask for customized garden poles as per your requirement.

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